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 RO Service in Delhi a venture of ‘Livsafe Solutions’  is a one- stop company for end- to- end services of water purifiers. It was started up in the year 2009 and soon became a budding star of the industry. Now, after five years; we are one of the impeccable service providers of the industry, giving our valuable and qualified services on different horizons.

LivSafe Solution gives out the various up to snuff services ranging from delivering RO purifiers to its motley of clientele in domestic to commercial division to repairing the products. We are without any doubt, marvelous service provider, who are always affirmed with delivering unmatchable services without any negotiation.


We have simply aimed for providing our customers the best services for water problems. Since, water is crucial part of our life and one cannot withstand without it. Moreover, if you are talking about drinking water, then it has to be healthiest and we love to deal with this issue.


We are recognized seller of top notch, qualitative purifier products of all top class companies, like Kent, Aquagaurd, Pureit and many others like the same.

Moreover, our product reach is not only limited to domestic customers. Since, we provide immaculate products to domestic, commercial as well as industrial customers and our services too are not just end by giving them products.

We are also accountable for any problems happening in our products and give them repairing and maintenance services within the cost effective budget.

Hence, you are looking for any type of water solution, then contact us and we will be pleased to serve you.